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The best male enhancement is permanent. And we are not just talking about turning your tiny small penis into a big 12 inch rock hard penis that makes the women scream. No when we mean male enhancement we do not just mean increasing the size of your penis.

We also mean increasing your ejaculation control, being able to control when you have an orgasm to make sure your woman has one as well.

We also mean being able to get an erection anytime your woman is in the mood for sex. This means not having trouble with erectile dysfunction. You need to be able to get hard and stay hard no matter what sexual position she wants to be in.

The best male enhancement also means being able to satisfy her sexual desires all night long. Most women are able to have multiple orgasms during sex. So if you have to stop and wait an hour between each session for your refractory period, the time it takes for you to get hard again after ejaculation, then she will not be fully satisfied.

And isn’t that why you are interested in the best male enhancement products in the first place – to fully satisfy your wife, girlfriend, lover, or friends with benefits? You want to be able to give them what they want and not have them looking for someone else.

Last but not least for the best male enhancement includes knowing enough sexual positions and techniques that will keep your sex life passionate and tremendous. You should aim for being able to give her an orgasm without having to insert your penis in her vagina.

Becoming a better lover by learning how to touch her with your hands and tongue and where to get her aroused are also important aspects to male enhancement.

Sticking to the same old sexual positions for years will get boring for her. So don’t just worry about getting a bigger 10 or 12 inch penis. Also learn about how to take care of her needs in the bedroom first before you go and rush in to finish. Us guys don’t have to worry much about not having an orgasm. But if your woman goes a long time without having one they will certainly go looking for someone who can make them cum. And then you won’t be happy anymore.

This is what we mean when we talk about permanent male enhancement. This will make you a much better lover and allow you to fully satisfy your woman and get her bragging to all her friends about how you have her 5 orgasms last night.

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